Windows Taskbar Not Hiding

In the Windows operating system, you can auto-hide the taskbar so the Start button does not show until you hover the mouse over the taskbar area. When the cursor is not in the area of the taskbar.

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Windows 10 – But, the Windows button is always there (and you can still right click on it for the power user menu from Windows 8), and you can shrink or even hide.

taskbar. And, you can still drag most.

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If your Windows 10 File Explorer does not display Quick access or Favorites.

For that, search for regedit in the Taskbar search box and click on the corresponding result. After that, you.

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Despite launching its new browser earlier this year, Microsoft held off rolling out the revamped Edge to the more than one billion Windows.

not using Edge, you’ll find that desktop and taskbar.

See Win Move Taskbar, Win Hide Taskbar and Win Task Manager. The Taskbar contains a button with the logo of each currently open application, and prior to Windows 8, the Start menu button.

I do NOT want to HIDE it from that task bar because if the user minimizes it.

and the button shows up on the TASKBAR allowing it to be closed that way. If it can be done with windows form command.