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Satsangs were the place she could get access to many elderly women at one go and urge them to download an app and use it for free. Her app.

in December 2017. And its not just satsangs.

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Groups are broken down by race, ethnicity, disability status, English Language proficiency (students learning English), and poverty status.

With a few taps on it, we can summon a cab, order a doughnut, hire the services of a doctor, book a movie ticket.

to 8,320 megabytes. Indians download more apps — 12.3 billion in 2018.

Ishii manages a very full life, and in recent years has been able to do it more easily with her “assistant,” as she calls Seeing AI, the free Microsoft app for.

Seeing AI launched in English in.

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to the Washington Post. In 2017, Delegate Michael Webert (R-Fauquier) wanted to change the law, because he thought it limited free speech.

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Many publications (including this one) have taken this time to look back insightfully at the best movies, shows and albums.

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Marsha Mercer column: A year to read The Bard – I’m embarrassed to admit it’s possible to navigate through college and earn a master’s degree in English from a well.

the plays are available to download free from the Folger site.